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Affordable Prices

At Electrical Wiring Guys, we offer the most affordable products and services to all our customers. With our services, you can be sure that you will land into some huge saving at all times from our pricing policy. This ensures that you get value for money spent when it comes to a wiring exercise for your home. Unlike the majority of the other companies in the industry, we have no hidden charges and this helps our clients to a great extent especially when it comes to planning and budgeting.


Reliable Services

To ensure that all your projects are on schedule, here at Electrical Wiring Guys we offer the most reliable services as well as products. This is on the time frames allocated for a job as well as the quality of workmanship as well as the products used in the wiring process. Therefore, you can rely on our services at all times especially with deadlines to beat and at the same time have peace of mind that the service meets the set standards.


Quality and Safety

At Electrical Wiring Guys, safety and quality are always elements of great concern to us. As a matter of fact, they are our guiding principles and this is made so due to the delicate nature of electricity. We ensure safety through the use of quality product and at the same time following the necessary safety measure while doing the wiring with no compromise.

Reach our representatives on 800-361-3962 for all details that you would require.

Why use our services?

We have the most innovative products and services. At the same time, we have continually offered quality services over time and become trusted among our clients. With our services, you can always expect the best and this has been greatly facilitated by our deliberate efforts in using experienced and highly motivated technicians for all our projects. We also pay close attention to the requirements that are made by you as our client so that we can always capture them during the process.

Free Quotation and Advice

At Electrical Wiring Guys, we offer free quotation as well as advice to our potential clients. This is a true indicator that we believe and as a matter of fact know that we have the best prices in the industry. You could take advantage of this service and give us a call on 800-361-3962 so that you can plan in advance when you have a project that will require some wiring. advice on the types of products to use and wiring patterns can be given by our representatives so that you can make an informed decision on the one you prefer based on your particular requirements.

First Class Customer Support

A notable aspect about our company is the fact that we offer the best customer support services. This is to both the potential as well as those that we have already done the installations to. We understand that it always helps to have some to help out in the event things do not work out as expected or you need to enquire something urgently. You can always reach us on 800-361-3962 for all wiring enquiries.

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